eventfd for Go

Eventfd Bindings for Go

Eventfd Bindings for Go

eventfd is a lightweight filedescriptor used for lightweight event wait/notify mechanisms for user-space applications and kernel to user-space notifications. For more information on eventfd see

man 2 eventfd
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GDB Stack Script

Simple script to print Stack layout

Usage and Installation


place the script show_stack.py somewhere you have your other gdb scripts. (eg ~/.gdb/scripts/)


source ~/.gdb/scripts/show-stack.py

to your ~/.gdbinit for autoloading it, or just call the command

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Debugging Netlink Sockets

Tips to debug netlink messages

Debugging libnl

If you are using libnl the easiest way to debug netlink messages is using the build-in debugging capabilities.

NLDBG=4 ./myprog

see here for complete reference of debug levels

using NLMON

Since kernel version 3.11 there is support for generic netlink message monitoring available. To check if your current kernel configuration supports netlink monitoring you can use

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